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Artery Media Design - websites

Artery Media Design develop professional and engaging websites.

Is your website working for you or just taking up hyper space ?

Websites come in all shapes and sizes these days are there are plenty of DIY options, and while a free website may seem an attractive proposition, you need to ask is it promoting your business or just 'being there'?

Artery Media Design specialise in Joomla websites.

Joomla is a long established and much trusted platform for websites. Database driven with full content management system, Joomla sites are easily upgradable and constantly updated for security. Joomla websites easily allow for addition of e-commerce and Paypal facilities. We also choose the powerful Joomla system for it's maximum stability and functionality.

All our websites are developed with a solid professional website architecture to maximise the SEO of your site.

Do not be confused by the many claims to optimise your website to 'page one'. These claims, often made by bogus companies by phone or email and usually originating from India offer unachievable results at enormous expense, up to  $7,000, most around $150 a month. Many of these companies are currently under investigation.

The fact is no one knows the incredibly complex algorithms that Google use to search a website and any claims by companies to beat Google are quite simply false and only serve to create doubt about your website to solicit their fees. If someone was to continually say the brakes on your car could be better, it would be a similar type of scare mongering.

Artery Media Design look to emerging technologies and implement latest trends and facilities to ensure your website is current, for example our responsive websites and HTML 5 coding.

Artery Media Design create websites that will resonate with your businesses' existing visual design elements and marketing objectives.

Websites with a coherent layout, so as to be to be easy to read and navigate.

Websites designed to engage and inform the end user and promote their stay at your website.

We can also create banner animation your website, copywriting from your supplied notes and provide all photography required to give your website some real 'pop'.

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