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Artery Media Design - responsive websites

Artery Media Design can design responsive websites for computer, tablet or mobile phones.

The next generation in websites is here. Recent advances in technology has seen mobile phones and iPad type tablets serve a new role in business and personal communication. More and more people now rely on there iPhone or iPad for their Internet activities.

Normal websites, built for desktop computer screens, will not present properly on the smaller screens and require continual 'scrolling' to navigate the site. This is both frustrating and a makes for a poor user experience for your internet customers.

The solution is to have a 'responsive website'.

A responsive website will re size and reconfigure to adapt to these smaller screens, like this website and as illustrated above.

Artery Media Design can create responsive websites that automatically adjust format and size to suit the receiving device, be that of a large computer screen, tablet or the small screens of mobile phones. This includes popular devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

This has a significant impact on the sites availability and how it performs on these formats.

Images, slideshows and galleries will reduce in proportion to the device being used, menus will change to suit the smaller screens and the content will re-align to be better read.

You don't need to be an Einstein' to realise that if your website is not accessible to mobile phone and tablet users, then your website audience is dramatically reduced.

This is relatively new technology in web development and gives the shrewd business operator a distinct advantage by reaching these currently under serviced web users. It may also be a good time to consider updating your current website to a responsive website format.

Built as a full database system with content management like this one, our responsive websites have all the functionality of any normal website and can be developed to include responsive shopping carts as well.

If you believe any of your customers use their mobile phones, iPhone or iPad's for searching the Internet, then a having a responsive website is a 'no brainer'.

Call today to find out more about how Artery Media Design can create an exciting new responsive website for your business or event.

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