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Artery Media Design - Training videos

Artery Media Design can develop and produce professional training videos.

Shown here is part of a half hour video produced for Melbourne Water as part of customer service training initiative.

Commissioned by Campaign Palace and post produced at Iloura, Melbourne this video was shot on SP Betacam at locations around Melbourne.

My role in this production was producer/director.

Being a qualified a Trainer and Assessor I have foundation knowledge of the requirements to create a successful training sequences to compliment your overall program.

When maintaining interest with students is important to the success of your training program, a relevant and well crafted video can be a very engaging and instructive component.

Artery Media Design can produce a custom video for your next training program, so contact us to see how we can enrich your next training with video.


The story so far...

Earlier in the video we have seen the main character, Mr Dork, in various Melbourne Water, customer service roles where, through his rudeness and incompetence, he fails miserably.

This sequence picks up where he is returning home and he, himself needs customer service, only to experience 'himself' from his previous roles. Mr Dork then has an 'hallelujah' moment and realises how poor his own performance has been.

The video was very well received and clearly articulated the core objectives of the training program.

video 445x400


Project Details

  • Project: Melbourne Water
  • Date: December 1994
  • Stock: SP Betacam
  • Post produced: Iloura, Melb
  • Category: Video, Training films