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Artery Media Design - promotional videos

Artery Media Design can create professional videos for You Tube, TV, music clips, training programs or events.

Our video production services are ideally suited to create videos for You Tube and websites, television commercials, music clips, training videos, corporate videos, event and DVD release.

The two minute video shown here was produced to promote Nimbin Rox YHA through You Tube and the Nimbin Rox website.

Shot a various locations around the Northern Rivers region, the video shoot also incorporated a photographic shoot, gathering still images for web and brochure production while shooting footage for the video. It's just one example of how Artery Media Design can create efficiencies to keep costs down for your video project.

Shot on full 1080p HD and featuring a specially scored soundtrack, the video gives an overview of Nimbin Rox YHA, the unique culture of Nimbin and the beauty of the surrounding area.

Video production can be expensive, but by careful planning and pre production realistic budgets with great results can be achieved.

Only experience can limit overspending on video production. Knowing what shots you need, the best way to get them and the cheapest way to achieve the result.

Artery Media Design draw on over 25 years as a professional producer / director for TV networks and advertising agencies.

Artery Media Design don't just' wave a camera around and hope to get something useable !

Talk to Artery Media Design today about a obligation free quote for your next video project.

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Project Details

  • Project: Nimbin Rox YHA
  • Date: December 2013
  • Stock: HD video
  • Soundtrack: Michael Vollebergh
  • Category: Video, Promotional