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Artery Media Design - photoimaging

Artery Media Design can create unique special effects using photoimaging

Photoimaging describes the process of altering, combining or going all out crazy with digital images, and photographs.

Utilising the amazing capacity of Photoshop, photoimaging is used for everything from restoring or colour correcting photos to creating surreal images and special effects by combining with other elements.

This gallery gives some idea of the scope of photoimaging, but is really only limited by your imagination.

It can have very practical applications as well, photoimaging can let see what your house or car would look like a different colour ?

Perhaps you'd like to see how your new design for your shop's signage will look like ?

Or maybe you'd just like to see how your gold fish would look in a top hat !

It's one less thing to think about and one less phone call to make.

photoimaging 445x400